Animal costumes have fascinated young minds for ages. Kids, who hero-worship some of the famous comic or cartoon characters wish to mimic them in real lives. Since these kids watch these animal characters in a hoard of entertainment-related avenues like comic books, video games, animated films, etc, they find the charms of wearing an animal costume, simply, irresistible.

Forget Godzilla, the kigurumi is the great Japanese fashion monster currently invading our cities and towns. Kigurumi In Japan is the costumed performers who dress up as a comic/ cartoon characters, mostly animals, and parades around at a shopping centre or a theme park.

panda kigurumi

Kigurumi is the latest fad that successfully won over the kids these days. This alluring animal costume has traveled the oceans to stun the kids of other parts of the world. Kigurumi costumes come in a different host of sizes and design that suit the desires and needs of every young one.


Made from high-quality polyester fleece, this awesome costume is kid friendly and extremely comfortable to wear. Unlike other modern day animal costumes made with poor quality fabric and are a tad discomforting. kigurumi animal costume is amazingly designed with the comfort level of today’s child in mind.

The creatively designed costumes are soft, thick and not suffocating. They also come with durability and longevity. It can be easily washed in washing machines. kigurumi onesie is not only kid’s long-lasting but also retain their sheen for longer years.

Perfect for children occasions

Kigurumis sparks up the right ingredients for becoming a huge hit in fancy birthdays bashes and parties. If your little ones love to hop into pyjamas parties, kids’ festivals, and fancy dress competitions, then kigurumis promises to appeal to his senses. Besides, due to their high degree of comfort level, children can wear them even in everyday life, say, while going out for outings or picnics or even at home.

kids kigurumi

Children’s fantasy creature becomes a reality

Kids love to watch tales of Narnia, Harry Potter stories, and superhero features. These enthralling stories introduce them to popular characters and some fantasy creatures like Batman, dragons, Felix the cat, Phoenix, etc.

Kigurumi now allows kids to dress up as these characters and live their fanciful /wildest dreams. The soaring global popularity of kigurumis has ensured that they are widely available in different costume shops. Though, these uniquely designed costumes have travelled from the Japanese shores. they are reasonably accessible and priced to other citizens at nearly the same price as to the Japanese children. You can order pikachu kigurumi online and your kids can browse through a huge list of animal costumes ranging from the meek ferocious crocodiles to the Meerkats, the cute lions to the good-looking bear, the Australian marsupials to the black-and-white skunks. Now children can now fill that dire wish by buying the kigurumi onesiei offers.